ROILA – RObot Interaction LAnguage

We recently received news of a new spoken programming language for robots, among which is the NXT: it is ROILA. This new language is being developed by the Eindhoven University of Technology, it has the collaboration of LEGO MINDSTORMS, and tries to bring the automated voice recognition for robots. This is a very interesting idea, and although it is still under development, will follow closely to see how far you can get qet with it!

Using the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT as a platform allows the creation of numerous and varied robots, and ROILA is a new way to control and launch a new range of possibilities of communication.

The voice recognition platform they are using is the Sphinx-4. This is a very wise decision, since ROILA developers program the NXT in LeJOS, and the Sphinx-4 has been programmed entirely in Java. For those about have programmed NXT using Eclipse, this tutorial explains how to integrate Sphinx-4 in the Eclipse IDE.

This ambitious project also foresees the possibility that our NXT can also speak: they will use the open source platform known as Festival.

Additional information:

  • Roila Official Website.
  • Sphinx-4, the speech recognizer written in Java.
  • Festival, a way to create artificial voice.

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